Dupe or Dud: Beauty Blender VS Blending Sponge

Monday, April 15, 2013

Left: No Name Blending Sponge   Right: Beauty Blender

Everybody has been raving about the whole blending sponge. I've seen many varieties of a blending sponge. I own both a beauty blender and a no name cheap regular sponge. Is there really a difference? Yes

The Beauty Blender sponge is quite expensive for it to be a sponge. It is very soft and lightweight and can be used dry and wet for liquid, cream, or loose powders(dry sponge). I like to use this sponge both ways. When it is wet it blending the products much better. When it is dry it works just as good. 

The No Name sponge is cheaper. It's a bit for firmer and shaped a little different. It can also be used wet and dry. When it's dry it feels much hard than the BB but when it's wet it's easier to work with. For the price of what the Beauty Blender cost you can own about 10-15 of these little sponges.

Which sponge would you reach for?

I would reach for the Beauty Blender for personal preference. 

I use both sponges on myself and for my clients.

Beauty Blender $15-$20

No Name Blending Sponge $2-$5

Do you own a beauty blender? Have you tried a no name beauty sponge? What are your thoughts on them?


DOWNTOWNCHICAGOBARBIE April 15, 2013 at 2:30 PM  

Thanks for the review. Can you do a youtube video for the beauty blender using it while applying your makeup.

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