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Monday, August 22, 2011

For a long time I wanted to get me a palette that would elimate having to carry around every eyeshadow in its pan. I looked into buying a 15 Pan MAC Palette but after hearing about the built of it and it not being the best to have I looked around for something a little better. I saw the Z Palette on a few bloggers site also on Youtube. I read on the Z Palette and instantly fell in love I knew I had to get it. Welp here it is....
I decided to depot all of my MAC eyeshadow and place them in the palette. Even though the palette is pre-magnetized supposedly I still had to put a piece of magnet on the back of the shadows so I knew they would  be stable
Don't they look  pretty...
How well do you know you MAC eyeshadows can you name them all? Do you have a Z palette? What's your thoughts on it?


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